Updated: Gasoline Brothers release show at Ekko, Utrecht – the ultimate FAQ

Roel en Mathijs op de BeschavingI’m sure all of you already know that The Gasoline Brothers celebrate the release of ‘Tsk!’ at Ekko (Utrecht) on Saturday October 10, 2009. We still get a lot of questions, so here are some of the answers!

Where can I but tickets?
Tickets are available at Ekko’s ticket site or at Plato record store in Utrecht.

How much are these tickets?
Get-in: 10 euros. For that amount you will not only see us play live (first time in Utrecht since 2007!), you will also get the new Gasoline Brothers CD (entitled Tsk!) for free!

What’s with the limited edition and the 3D glasses?
There’s a limited edition of Tsk! available with a pair of free 3D glasses. 250 Copies are produced and if you come to our release show at Ekko, Utrecht on October 10, you’ll most likely be the proud owner of a limited edition copy.

What’s the program?
20.30-21.00 The Starlets
21.15-21.40 Tim Knol
21.50-23.00 The Gasoline Brothers
Latetst addition: DJ Norbert Pek will be spinning discs!

What about that live webcast and that Twitter feed?
The Ekko show will be broadcast live on VPRO’s 3voor12 on October 10. Moreover, there will be a Twitter backchannel that night: if you send out tweets containing #gasbros (or publish pictures on Twitpic or Mobypicture with that same hashtag), these tweets or pics will be shown below the live cast! Talking about an interactive concert experience!

What about that Gasoline Brothers iPhone app?
Be patient! It’ll be in the iTunes app store sometime in October. Probably before October 10, if Apple approves it 😉

How can I make sure I can sing along with all your new tunes?
Well, here’s the solution! Fill out your email address below and we’ll mail you the download instructions for the digital (free!) version of our new album ‘Tsk!’ on September 28. One week before the official release.

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