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Gasoline Brothers guitarist nominated for 'Best Utrecht Musician'

Mathijs PeetersWe just got word: our guitar player Mathijs Peeters has been nominated for the ‘Best Utrecht Musician’ category at the annual 3voor12/Utrecht Awards. Other nominees are Colin Benders (Kyteman) and Frank Wienk (Most Unpleasant Men & Kyteman). So it’s Gasoline Brothers versus Kyteman, it looks like 🙂

As a matter of fact, Mathijs has been nominated as Best Guitarist (nationwide) before by the Dutch Institute for Music (Nederlands Muziekcentrum, formerly known as Popinstituut). However, he never managed to actually win the prestigious ‘Duiveltje’ Award. Now let’s hope he can take the local title and be Utrecht’s Best Musician. To his bandmates, Mathijs already is Utrecht’s best musician anyway…

Uitzending gemist: (re-)watch Saturday's release show online (and much more)

What a weekend that was! A fantastic release show at Ekko, Utrecht. Packed room, great atmosphere and cool performances by Tim Knol and The Starlets. It was everything we’d hoped for… and more.

If you missed the show (or the live webcast), you can rewatch the show below

Timetable: 4:30 Tim Knol | 45:30 The Starlets | 1:20 The Gasoline Brothers

There it goes (for Koos), filmed by Jackelien Beerens with her mobile phone:


Here’s a set taken by photographer Ron Beenen
More pictures, taken by Jelmer de Haas


Want to see what everyone tweeted using the hashtag #gasbros? Have a look here (and keep scrolling, there are a lot of messages!)


Thanks a lot: everyone at Ekko, Andrew Phillips, Martijn Vink, Tim Knol, The Starlets/Matthijs van der Ven, Gerben, Bas, Gemma, Tessel, Dennis Aaij, Jelmer de Haas, Norbert and everbody in the audience or watching at home. If we forgot to mention you: so sorry!

10 Good reasons why you should come to The Gasoline Brothers release party at Ekko on 10/10

So, what’s with the number 10? We’ve planned our release party at Ekko on 10/10 and the get-in is 10 euros. Let’s extend the magic of 10 and give you 10 good reasons to come see us play at Ekko on October 10.

  1. It’s a party! We’re celebrating the release of our new album ‘Tsk!’
  2. If you come to Ekko and buy a ticket, you’ll get our new album for free
  3. Limited edition alert! The first 250 visitors at Ekko get a free pair of 3D glasses with the CD!
  4. It’s our first full-blown electric show in Utrecht since September 29, 2007 (so that’s 2 years, folks!)
  5. You can buy our debut album for an incredibly low price there (and other merchandise as well)
  6. We’re recording and broadcasting the show, so yo can wave and laugh at everyone who’s not there
  7. Tim Knol and The Starlets are the special guests opening for us
  8. We won’t be playing too many live shows in 2009, so don’t miss us (and it’s probably our only Utrecht show!)
  9. We’ll play all your favourite Gasoline Brothers songs and take requests too
  10. You’ll be hearing more than 10 new songs – including ‘There it goes (for Koos)’ – we’ve never played live on stage before

Gimme that new album!

The Gasoline Brothers - Tsk!Want to have the album (in digital form) one week prior to the release?
Are you a real Gasoline Brothers fan? Here’s your chance to prove it. If you fill out your email address below, you will receive an email one week before the official release of our new album ‘Tsk!’ – with download instructions. In other words: you can be the ‘digital’ owner of our new album before everyone else. How ’bout that?

Limited edition alert: free 3D glasses with the first 250 copies of Tsk!

The Gasoline Brothers - Tsk!Many of you sent us emails about the cover of our upcoming CD Tsk! You wanted to know why we don’t have free 3D glasses with the CD, as we chose to have a 3D front. Well, as a matter of fact: we do have them! There’s a limited edition of Tsk! available with a pair of free 3D glasses. 250 Copies are produced and if you come to our release show at Ekko, Utrecht (October 10), you’ll probably be the proud owner of a limited edition copy. Because that is the spot where it will first be available for CD buyers. Another reason to come to our release party!

The Starlets (UK) added to Gasoline Brothers release party bill at Ekko

We’re proud to announce that The Starlets from Glasgow, Scotland, have been added to the bill of our CD release show at Ekko (Utrecht) on October 10, 2009. Tickets available through the Ekko website or at Plato record store in Utrecht.

Here’s the program:
20.30-21.00 The Starlets
21.15-21.40 Tim Knol
21.50-23.00 The Gasoline Brothers

Get-in: 10 lousy euros. For that amount you will not only see us play live (first time in Utrecht since 2007!), you will also get the new Gasoline Brothers CD (entitled Tsk!) for free! Tickets available through the Ekko website or at Plato record store in Utrecht. So if you’ll be attending, let us know here! Or if you’re on Twitter, check this!

Check out The Starlets

Check out Tim Knol

The Lost Gasoline Brothers Tapes


This Gasoline Brothers footage was thought to be lost. But director Gerben Schmidt of Zomp TV retrieved it when he was cleaning up his video archives. We’re glad he did!

It’s a cool registration of a living room show we played January 29, 2006. Not just your ordinary living room, but the living room of Tivoli booking agent Johan Gijsen. And it was not just your ordinary living room show, for that matter. It was a fullblown rock show, with real amps and loud music. If you’re interested, there’s a nice review on 3voor12. The show itself was quite err… well… legendary if I dare say so, and this footage captures some of the magic we felt that afternoon. Enjoy!

October 10: release party: free CD!

Ekko 10 oktober: The Gasoline BrothersWe’ve finally set the date for our party celebrating the release of our new album called Tsk! Write it down, this is final: October 10 @ Ekko, Utrecht. Support act: Tim Knol. Get-in: 10 lousy euros. For that amount you will not only see us play live (first time in Utrecht since 2007!), you will also get the new cd for free! No reason to stay at home, huh? So if you’ll be attending, let us know here!