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The Gasoline Brothers hand our their new single to Koos Moerenhout – and get his flowers!

NK Tijdrijden 2009We’ve just come home after a great night with Koos Moerenhout. As you know, we recorded a song for him. Today we handed out the first copy of the single to Koos himself. He was very enthusiastic and we chatted with him, his trainer, his wife and his webmaster for some time. In the time trial he was really fast but his team mate Stef Clement beat him in the end. Still quite an amazing second place. After the podium ceremony, Koos gave the flowers to The Gasoline Brothers, thanking us for our song. Of course, we were blushing…

Dutch national radio show The Coen & Sander Show (3FM) interviewed us and we had a funny conversation, during which they received a lot of text messages from listeners that loved our track. How cool is that? Oh by the way, we got airplay on Radio 1, Radio 2 and 3FM today… Nice!

Limited edition alert: free 3D glasses with the first 250 copies of Tsk!

The Gasoline Brothers - Tsk!Many of you sent us emails about the cover of our upcoming CD Tsk! You wanted to know why we don’t have free 3D glasses with the CD, as we chose to have a 3D front. Well, as a matter of fact: we do have them! There’s a limited edition of Tsk! available with a pair of free 3D glasses. 250 Copies are produced and if you come to our release show at Ekko, Utrecht (October 10), you’ll probably be the proud owner of a limited edition copy. Because that is the spot where it will first be available for CD buyers. Another reason to come to our release party!

Recording session for Koos Moerenhout song a success – Listen to 'Langs de Lijn' Saturday afternoon

Andre Wierenga in Mailmen StudioIt’s done. And we’re happy. The recording session for the Koos Moerenhout song last night was a complete success. We rocked it and the tape loved it. Radio 1 reporter Edwin Cornelissen (Langs de Lijn) was at the session all night long and will be editing the material Saturday morning. Then Saturday afternoon, his radio report will be broadcast on ‘Langs de Lijn’. Want to hear what the song sounds like? Be sure to listen to Radio 1 between 14.00 and 17.00 on Saturday.

The Lost Gasoline Brothers Tapes


This Gasoline Brothers footage was thought to be lost. But director Gerben Schmidt of Zomp TV retrieved it when he was cleaning up his video archives. We’re glad he did!

It’s a cool registration of a living room show we played January 29, 2006. Not just your ordinary living room, but the living room of Tivoli booking agent Johan Gijsen. And it was not just your ordinary living room show, for that matter. It was a fullblown rock show, with real amps and loud music. If you’re interested, there’s a nice review on 3voor12. The show itself was quite err… well… legendary if I dare say so, and this footage captures some of the magic we felt that afternoon. Enjoy!