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Seen on TV: There it goes flag

There it goes vlag - Koos Moerenhout - The Gasoline Brothers

I was watching the last climb in yesterday’s mountain stage at the Vuelta (Tour of Spain), as I¬†suddenly noticed the cool red-white-and-blue flag hung op on the side. In big, big letters it said: THERE IT GOES. Haha! Cyclist Koos Moerenhout had told me about the flag earlier (he already spotted it on Wednesday and Thursday), but hey: seeing is believeing! I’m wondering if we can find the people who put the flag up there. Please send us an email, we want the full story!

The Gasoline Brothers hand our their new single to Koos Moerenhout – and get his flowers!

NK Tijdrijden 2009We’ve just come home after a great night with Koos Moerenhout. As you know, we recorded a song for him. Today we handed out the first copy of the single to Koos himself. He was very enthusiastic and we chatted with him, his trainer, his wife and his webmaster for some time. In the time trial he was really fast but his team mate Stef Clement beat him in the end. Still quite an amazing second place. After the podium ceremony, Koos gave the flowers to The Gasoline Brothers, thanking us for our song. Of course, we were blushing…

Dutch national radio show The Coen & Sander Show (3FM) interviewed us and we had a funny conversation, during which they received a lot of text messages from listeners that loved our track. How cool is that? Oh by the way, we got airplay on Radio 1, Radio 2 and 3FM today… Nice!