Some really cool new stuff from your favourite band (for free!)

Alright, alright. We have a couple of news items that are surely interesting to you, as a hardcore fan. There we go:

1 iphoneapp_kleinThe Gasoline Brothers will have their very own iPhone app soon! Thanks to Bassotto Media. Check out the image on the right side of the screen. The app will contain our debut album and our new album Tsk!, as well as some info and references to (new) free downloads and videos. It’ll be available for free in the app store as of October 10.

2 Did we already tell you about our live webcast and the Twitter backchannel? You may know that VPRO’s 3voor12 will do a live broadcast of our release show on October 10. Moreover, there will be a Twitter backchannel that night: if you send out tweets containing #gasbros (or publish pictures on Twitpic or Mobypicture with that same hashtag), these tweets or pics will be shown below the live cast! Talking about an interactive concert experience!

3 What else? We’ve got three new songs online. Check them out below.

4 If you’re interested in receiving the mp3’s of our new album before everyone else (once again: for free), fill out your email address below and we’ll mail you the download instructions on September 28. Thanks!

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