Mystery solved: here's the man with the There it goes flag

Niko and his flagRemember the There it goes flag in the Vuelta that was so prominently featured on TV? Well, the guys from got a mail from the person who made the flag and took it to Spain. His name is Nicolas and this is what he said:


My name is Niko. I’m a 23 years old French guy. I’ve always supported Rabo team (for more than 10 years!). Even if I never met Koos, I admire him a lot, as a great road captain, and also certainly a great man. I often read his Twitter’s updates, and recently, I’ve discovered the song “There it goes” by Gasoline Brothers. That’s why this is the message I’ve painted on the flag (the one you saw on TV). I even tried to play the song during the Stage 5 (Tarragona-Vinaros), but I wonder if he really heard it.

Now I’m back in france, Vuelta is over for me, but I wish the best for Koos and the whole Rabo team for the upcoming days.

Hasta luego!

In case you don’t know what ‘There it goes’ is, check out this Gasoline Brothers song!

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