Here it is: new Gasoline Brothers single, interactive video and oldskool video

Today is the big day. We’re releasing our new single ‘In Our Town’, especially written to celebrate the finish of a Giro d’Italia stage in our hometown Utrecht (May 9, 2010). Now, for your entertainment we have a couple of things you should *really* check out:

First of all: are you a talented cyclist?
Everybody tells us so! Even better: we have proof that you know how to ride a racing bike full speed! Check out this cool video!, filmed by Gerben Schmidt and Matthijs van der Ven. Gerben did all the cool programming stuff.


Play or download the song (for free)!

Check out the oldskool video
Gerben Schmidt and Matthijs van der Ven also shot, directed and edited a cool video to the song.

A big thanks to everyone involved: Gerben Schmidt, Matthijs van der Ven, Koos Moerenhout, Gio Lippens, Age Versluis, Johan van den Berg, Niels Aalberts, Dennis Rijnbeek, Utrecht city council (Jo, Anita, Franc and many others), Gijsbregt Brouwer, Petra Uittenbogaard, Ardy Beurskens, Frank Heinen and of course everyone who was cheering at the video shoots!

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