Gasoline Brothers to record official Giro d'Italia anthem for the city of Utrecht

Last year, The Gasoline Brothers were given a lot of publicity after a spontaneous bet with pro-cyclist Koos Moerenhout led to a Gasoline Brother song called There it goes (for Koos). The single, released just before the start of 2009’s Vuelta (Tour of Spain) in the Dutch city of Assen, became a cult hit of sorts for the Utrecht band. Enthousiastic responses among (pro-)cyclists and cycling fans turned The Gasoline Brothers into somewhat of a hype.

Giro in UtrechtThe city council of Utrecht, The Gas Bros’ hometown, also took notice. This year’s Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy) starts May 8, 2010 in Amsterdam. The next day, the stage goes from Amsterdam to Utrecht. Utrecht’s city council is of course very keen to to promote the city and organise all kinds of events during (and before) the Giro circus hits town.

Let’s say it’s quite logical that the city of Utrecht came knocking on The Gasoline Brothers´ door, asking them to write and record the official ‘Giro d´Italia in Utrecht’ song. And of course we said yes. With great pride. The song will be recorded March 18th and will be mixed and mastered later this month. The single will be officially released around April 16th. 
Just before the Giro circus arrives in Utrecht, the city organises loads of special events – check this out for an overview: The Gasoline Brothers are expected to do some live shows in their hometown during that period. Live dates will be announced shortly.

By the way, you know The Gasoline Brothers: they are bound to come up with something else – beside releasing a single. They are rumoured to be working on something cool and interactive. What that is exactly? They’re not telling you yet…

Oh, and have a listen to 2009´s cycling hit: There it goes (for Koos) by The Gasoline Brothers:

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