Coverclub summer 2009: Guilty pleasures

Punk 1977 - CoverclubCoverclub is a phenomenon that The Gasoline Brothers ‘invented’ back in 2006. The basic idea? Take an artist or a theme and have a couple of bands record some cover songs. Then put the mp3’s on a website and let everyone download them for free. Simple and cool. So far, we’ve had 3 editions: christmas, Neil Young and punk 1977.

We’re happy to announce a new edition, slated for release June 2009. The theme we’ve chosen is ‘Guilty pleasures’. We’re still trying to establish the final line-up, but let me reveal someĀ of the artists who will be contributing songs this time: Silence is Sexy, Moss, The Gasoline Brothers, Solo, Tim Knol, Anne Soldaat (to be confirmed), Roosbeef (to be confirmed). Stay tuned for the latest news – or follow us on Twitter.

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