A Tribute to Mathijs: Top 5 Songs!

Now that guitarist Mathijs Peeters is leaving The Gasoline Brothers, I’ve decided to compile a Top 5 of Gas Bros’ songs that reflect Mathijs’ versatility and skills. Some of you may know that Mathijs was nominated for ‘Best Guitarist’ at the annual Duiveltjes Awards (by the Dutch Music Center MCN). Deservedly so, I might add. Here’s a very personal top 5. Which – of course – can be downloaded for free.

1. 2-5 Tuesday
One of the finest tracks of our 2nd album Tsk!, 2-5 Tuesday is a perfect example of Mathijs’ soloing style. Check that outburst of guitar joy starting at 4.20 min.

2. Montgomery Hughes

Our 1st album Hm! was a bit more jangly and twangy than Tsk! Especially Montgomery Hughes, which can be characterized as a murder ballad of sorts, reflected that. In this song, Mathijs demonstrates his talent for rootsy guitar stuff. I love it!

3. In Our Town

Mathijs is also very good at ‘colouring’ songs. He rarely plays too many notes. If the song requires simple guitar work, that’s what he will play. Our latest single In Our Town is a good example. In this song, Mathijs simpy plays very tasty arpeggios. And boy, do they sound great in this song! Judge for yourself!

4. Send the Husky

The very first song The Gasoline Brothers ever wrote and recorded. The original demo recording that was done in Roel’s living room, had a fantastic guitar track by Mathijs. Played straight from the heart and full of energy and wit. When we re-recorded the song at Mailmen Studio, we decided to use the original demo guitar part because it was so spot-on and energetic. It’s probably my favourite Mathijs’ part ever.

5. Sleeping Pills and Asteroids

When asked about The Gasoline Brothers’ top song, most people will mention this one. In the early days of the band, Mathijs came up with the cool riff that opens the song. After he played it, we joined in and within an hour we had written this song. It’s anthemic, alternative, energetic and uplifting. Please play it loud, as this song truly shows Mathijs’ talent as a rock guitar player!

Thanks Mathijs!

4 thoughts on “A Tribute to Mathijs: Top 5 Songs!

  1. Hmm, wordt wel wel weer eens tijd voor een reunie tussen Mathijs en de brothers als ik dit zo terugluister. Good ol’ times!

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