A genuine Gasoline Brothers Top 10 of 2009

What a fantastic year it was for The Gasoline Brothers. Thank you all for your support! We’ve tried to compile a Top 10 list of the major events that marked the year for us. Here we go, in no particular order:

  1. Dutch pro-cyclist Koos Moerenhout tweeting about The Gasoline Brothers, causing a hype in the Tour de France peloton
  2. Recording a song for Koos Moerenhout and see all major newspapers and radio/tv stations report about it
  3. Releasing a new CD and seeing an incredibly raving review in De Volkskrant (and many more media)
  4. Playing our CD release show at Ekko, Utrecht and enjoying every second of it!
  5. Seeing so many people talking and tweeting about us with such enthousiasm
  6. Experiencing the kindness of so many people helping us out for nothing (@kmoerenhout, @mailmen, @gerbenzomp, @eijkb, @t_nuz, @gvanlee, @bigrooster, @ehpo, Hjalmar Snoep and YOU!)
  7. Seeing that over 35000 people worldwide downloaded our new album
  8. Noticing that our songs keep appearing in their last.fm playlists, even months later
  9. Experiencing the power of Web 2.0: wow!
  10. Seeing a ‘There it Goes’ flag during the mountain stages of the Tour of Spain (Vuelta)

What about 2010?

We’re planning to do a small tour in The Netherlands in the spring of 2010. Interested in having us at your venue or in your hometown? Drop us a line!

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