Monthly Archives: November 2009

We've got fans in Belarus, Brazil and Croatia

You may remember that our new album Tsk! was downloaded over 33,000 times via Mininova and Bandcamp. We received mails from Iran, South Africa, Australia, you name it, from people telling us how much they liked our album. That’s pretty cool. Even cooler is the effect it had on charts. I made this screenshot so that you can witness for yourself that The Gasoline Brothers have fans and listeners in Belarus, the United States, Australia, Poland, Colombia and Brazil. How cool is that? - recent listeners

Gasoline Brothers guitarist nominated for 'Best Utrecht Musician'

Mathijs PeetersWe just got word: our guitar player Mathijs Peeters has been nominated for the ‘Best Utrecht Musician’ category at the annual 3voor12/Utrecht Awards. Other nominees are Colin Benders (Kyteman) and Frank Wienk (Most Unpleasant Men & Kyteman). So it’s Gasoline Brothers versus Kyteman, it looks like 🙂

As a matter of fact, Mathijs has been nominated as Best Guitarist (nationwide) before by the Dutch Institute for Music (Nederlands Muziekcentrum, formerly known as Popinstituut). However, he never managed to actually win the prestigious ‘Duiveltje’ Award. Now let’s hope he can take the local title and be Utrecht’s Best Musician. To his bandmates, Mathijs already is Utrecht’s best musician anyway…