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Uitzending gemist: (re-)watch Saturday's release show online (and much more)

What a weekend that was! A fantastic release show at Ekko, Utrecht. Packed room, great atmosphere and cool performances by Tim Knol and The Starlets. It was everything we’d hoped for… and more.

If you missed the show (or the live webcast), you can rewatch the show below

Timetable: 4:30 Tim Knol | 45:30 The Starlets | 1:20 The Gasoline Brothers

There it goes (for Koos), filmed by Jackelien Beerens with her mobile phone:


Here’s a set taken by photographer Ron Beenen
More pictures, taken by Jelmer de Haas


Want to see what everyone tweeted using the hashtag #gasbros? Have a look here (and keep scrolling, there are a lot of messages!)


Thanks a lot: everyone at Ekko, Andrew Phillips, Martijn Vink, Tim Knol, The Starlets/Matthijs van der Ven, Gerben, Bas, Gemma, Tessel, Dennis Aaij, Jelmer de Haas, Norbert and everbody in the audience or watching at home. If we forgot to mention you: so sorry!

Tonight: watch the live stream of the release show!

Tonight (October 10), the Gasoline Brothers’ album release concert will be broadcast live on this page: (scroll down – below the article – to see the screen). Our show starts around 21.30 tonight (GMT+2, for foreign viewers).

Twitter hashtag #gasbros
Also, if you want to tweet about it or post pics (on mobypicture, twitpic and many more): please use the hashtag #gasbros – all tweets and media tagged with this hashtag will be published below the live stream as well!

If you’re not interested in the live stream but want to tweet about it or follow other people’s #gasbros tweets, you can use the widget below!

Dubstep remix: Psychosomatic Heart Failure remixed by Vince the Prince

Here’s a cool remix for you! a dubstep version of our new single Psychosomatic Heart Failure. It was made by Vince the Prince aka Generationbass aka Vincent Koreman, Tilburg’s finest!

<a href="">Psychosomatic Heart Failure (dubstep remix) by The Gasoline Brothers</a>

The Gasoline Brothers on Tour in Africa

The himba like The Gas Bros
Click on the pic to see big version

Well, at least a Gasoline Brothers T-Shirt is on tour in Africa. This picture was taken near Twyfelfontein, Namibia. So, what’s the story? Well, Gasoline Brothers fan Harold is doing a majestic trip through the African continent and obviously he introduced The Gasoline Brothers to the himba, a people living in Namibia. He told us they really liked the music but they were sorry to inform us that they couldn’t make it to Ekko on October 10.

Today is the official release date of 'Tsk!' – so what's new?

Today is the official release date of our new album. That means it’ll be available in record stores throughout the Benelux. If your favourite record store does not stock our album, just tell them to order it! Or, if you are really lazy, order it on the internet (Dutch). So what else is new?

‘Brildragers of the Word Unite’: new video on Youtube
First of all, the video for our new single Psychosomatic Heart Failure is ready. Here it is!

If you like it – or if you are a proud glasses wearer yourself – please help spread the video: put in on Hyves, Twitter, Facebook or embed it on your blog (now that it’s still free ;-))

Tsk! limited edition with 3D glasses3D glasses and the limited edition of ‘Tsk!’
Moreover, the limited editions of ‘Tsk!’ are in. Here’s a sneak preview on the right so you know what the look like.

Free remix tomorrow!
As a little surprise we will put up a cool dubstep remix of Psychosomatic Heart Failure on this website tomorrow. Of course, a s a free download. The remix was made by Vince the Prince aka Generationbass aka Vincent Koreman, Tilburg’s finest!

Coming to the Ekko show on October 10?
Don’t forget to preorder tickets on the Ekko website or go to Plato Utrecht for tickets.