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The Starlets (UK) added to Gasoline Brothers release party bill at Ekko

We’re proud to announce that The Starlets from Glasgow, Scotland, have been added to the bill of our CD release show at Ekko (Utrecht) on October 10, 2009. Tickets available through the Ekko website or at Plato record store in Utrecht.

Here’s the program:
20.30-21.00 The Starlets
21.15-21.40 Tim Knol
21.50-23.00 The Gasoline Brothers

Get-in: 10 lousy euros. For that amount you will not only see us play live (first time in Utrecht since 2007!), you will also get the new Gasoline Brothers CD (entitled Tsk!) for free! Tickets available through the Ekko website or at Plato record store in Utrecht. So if you’ll be attending, let us know here! Or if you’re on Twitter, check this!

Check out The Starlets

Check out Tim Knol

Bluegrass Pills and Asteroids

 <a href="">Sleeping Pills &amp; Asteroids (bluegrass version with Bluegrass Boogiemen) by The Gasoline Brothers</a>

Another cool track from The Official Gasoline Brothers Vault. This is a funny bluegrass version of our cult hit Sleeping pills and asteroids. It was recorderd live at Tivoli Utrecht May 15, 2008, celebrating ’10 years 3voor12′. Performed by the fantastic Bluegrass Boogiemen from Utrecht. If you don’t know who they are, get the hell out of here and check out their bluegrass stuff immediately!

The Lost Gasoline Brothers Tapes


This Gasoline Brothers footage was thought to be lost. But director Gerben Schmidt of Zomp TV retrieved it when he was cleaning up his video archives. We’re glad he did!

It’s a cool registration of a living room show we played January 29, 2006. Not just your ordinary living room, but the living room of Tivoli booking agent Johan Gijsen. And it was not just your ordinary living room show, for that matter. It was a fullblown rock show, with real amps and loud music. If you’re interested, there’s a nice review on 3voor12. The show itself was quite err… well… legendary if I dare say so, and this footage captures some of the magic we felt that afternoon. Enjoy!