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Coverclub 'Guilty pleasure' update

Coverclub - Guilty pleasureWe’ve discussed the Coverclub before on this blog.  The basic idea? Take an artist or a theme and have a couple of bands record some cover songs. Then put the mp3’s on a website and let everyone download them for free. Preparations for the June 2009 edition of the Coverclub are in full swing. This time the theme we chose is ‘guilty pleasure’ – songs you always wanted to cover but were afraid to like… We’re hoping to present the entire edition on June 22nd. The update (and mp3’s) will be posted on this blog, as well as

Here’s the preliminary list of artists and songs:

During preparations, something cool happened. Dean Friedman, writer of the song Lydia, found out on Twitter that Anne Soldaat was going to record it for the Coverclub. He send tweets to both Anne Soldaat and The Gasoline Brothers and told us he’s very proud his song was selected for this project. Yesterday, Anne sent him the final mix of his recording and got a message back. I’m quoting Dean Friedman: ‘I love it! Really nice hearing such a convincing and gutsy rendition of that tune. So cool! Just out of curiosity, any plans to release it in the UK? I think they’d eat it up.’

If you want to keep informed about the Coverclub, just follow The Gasoline Brothers on Twitter, or read this blog.