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Video shoot video

The Gasoline Brothers videoshootNow that we’ve picked the first single from our upcoming album (a song called Psychosomatic Heart Failure that you haven’t heard yet – be patient), we’ve also decided to shoot a video. April 11th is going to be the day. We’ll probably dress up as Easter bunnies running around in a green Teletubbies landscape. Anyway, Ebbo Clerkx, mainly known for his work as a typographer, will be shooting and directing the video. We have not set a release date for this single & video yet, stay tuned for more news.

Psst, don't tell anyone: there is a new song on the Web

You’d better keep this silent: thanks to our friend Mister Mailmen Studio, there’s a song from our upcoming album available on the Web. He accidentally uploaded the song to his new (Bandcamp) website and forgot to tell us. Naaah, we’re not mad at him. If you promise you don’t tell anyone, have a listen to this new song called Watch the Fireman. So do you like it?

<a href="">Watch The Fireman &#8211; The Gasoline Brothers by Mailmen</a>

To cd or not to cd?

Shall we?OK, so here’s the question:  in modern times, should an internet-savvy band still put out their new album as a physical cd and have it sold at record stores? Or should we just put 11 MP3’s on every website and music community we know and forget about those silver discs? We contacted some experts and friends and asked them this question. To cd or not to cd: what do you think? Give us some sound advice please!

The Gas Bros are really civilised

Mathijs does a little bit of posing
Mathijs does a little bit of posing
We did a lot – I mean: a lot – of gigs in 2006. So we’ve had our pictures taken quite often… A little bit of sitesearching made us discover some cool photos. Have a look at these pics, taken by Annelies Eenhoorn at the festival DeBeschaving (Utrecht), September 2, 2006. We’ll be posting some more look-what-I-found-in-this-old-shoebox pictures soon…