10 Good reasons why you should come to The Gasoline Brothers release party at Ekko on 10/10

So, what’s with the number 10? We’ve planned our release party at Ekko on 10/10 and the get-in is 10 euros. Let’s extend the magic of 10 and give you 10 good reasons to come see us play at Ekko on October 10.

  1. It’s a party! We’re celebrating the release of our new album ‘Tsk!’
  2. If you come to Ekko and buy a ticket, you’ll get our new album for free
  3. Limited edition alert! The first 250 visitors at Ekko get a free pair of 3D glasses with the CD!
  4. It’s our first full-blown electric show in Utrecht since September 29, 2007 (so that’s 2 years, folks!)
  5. You can buy our debut album for an incredibly low price there (and other merchandise as well)
  6. We’re recording and broadcasting the show, so yo can wave and laugh at everyone who’s not there
  7. Tim Knol and The Starlets are the special guests opening for us
  8. We won’t be playing too many live shows in 2009, so don’t miss us (and it’s probably our only Utrecht show!)
  9. We’ll play all your favourite Gasoline Brothers songs and take requests too
  10. You’ll be hearing more than 10 new songs – including ‘There it goes (for Koos)’ – we’ve never played live on stage before

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